Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Future Me

This is a piece created for the purpose of reflecting on my freshman year, I want to improve in utilizing higher vocabulary.
Dear Matt,
It’s June currently, it’s time to take off the label “freshman” and it’s time to put on the costume of a sophomore.. It feels great no longer being the “scrubs” of the school. This year had its ups and downs, but one thing that I always enjoyed was the constant interaction with my peers. The one thing I hated was that we would transition really fast into things, and we didn’t spend that much time on a certain topic. Next year, I plan to make new friends by talking to new people instead of always being with the people I already know. I can participate in more clubs, instead of signing up for them and never going to a single club meeting like this year. I’m going to make next year a successful year by not procrastinating like this year. Some things that I want to do differently, as I said is to not procrastinate as much as I did this year.
In order to complete my goals of making my sophomore year better is to be more diligent and not slack off. This year I slacked off too much and it turned out poorly for me. As I reflect on this year, I realize that I could have made better choices and done more with my freshman year. I need to focus on the end goal of graduating high school. I will try and join as many clubs as I am interested in, and to use my time wisely.
In doing so, I can acquire more friends that have similar interests to me, and they can help me focus on my goal. This year I procrastinated, so if I had more friends which have similar interests, I may be doing more academic activities with them instead of slacking off at home. This will keep my mind in check and will allow me to do better. I aspire to generate a more successful year next year.I hope future me does too.

Matt B

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Blessings on Blessings

This is a poem I wrote for my Writing Group. I am sad to say that this is our last time together, but I know that more great memories are here to come. So for now this is a little poem I wrote that includes all the members of my group and all of our little inside jokes.

Blessings on Blessings
David, oh David
You have hair like black silk
And the tallness of a giraffe

Jessica, oh Jessica
You have a laser eye
And the longest legs ever

Xaviera, oh Xaviera
With voluminous hair
And the bronzed skin of a goddess

Jonathan, oh Jonathan
U reflect light like an iceberg
And have the hair of an ocean wave  
Sajel M

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Reflective Essay

This is the reflective essay that is contained in our Writing Portfolio. I wrote about my work ethics, growth, and my ability to work with others. 

Directions: Through the English 1 Honors projects and written compositions, how have you come to see yourself as a writer? A technology user? A technology learner? A team player? A student? In other words, how have your experiences in English 1 Honors influenced the way you understand your own work ethic? Your writing process? Your ability to work with others?

English 1 Honors has enhanced my work ethics due to the innovation I received and being surrounded by high-leveled readers and writers. My work ethic before my first year in high school has never been good enough, written half-heartedly. A word to describe my work ethics in persistence. With persistence, my work ethic increased and also made me effective in my assignments. English 1 Honor has brought me to this day, making a true writer out of me.
In addition to my improvement in writing, it has influenced my ability to work with others by the many group projects, group challenge games, and so forth. It taught me how to work with others and being collaborative. Working with others, and interacting with others students besides my friends has been very hard for me due to my personality, so forcefully putting something together has helped me to become a better teammate. On top of that, collaborating with others has strengthened me as a person, not just a student. Working with others requires many skill and I learned this skill throughout the course of this year, along with being considerate to others. There are multiple perspectives are contained in each subject of area and it can be seen upside-down, right-side up, left-side up, depending on the person. This conveys that being conscious of other people’s opinion is very important because I learned that there are variety of opinion out there and we need to be able to accept it. At the same time of accepting it, it can also turn out to be a base of something to improve society.
Furthermore, by challenging myself into English 1H, I have grown a lot as a writer and as a student, myself. Honestly, I do not belong in this class, I still learned a lot and it has been one of my most productive years. I was able to learn so much from being placed in a very advanced level, allowing the pressure to build strength. My vocabulary, sentence structure, transitions, are still weak, but better than before attending this class. It has also inspired me in to writing better essays and pushed me forward. It made me want to write better, and want me to get a better grade. The strong desire my classmates gave, allowed me to come to this point.

By: Maya W.

Future Me Letter

This is the future me letter I wrote for myself to read at the end of my Sophomore year. I tried to write it in a way that I would sincerely enjoy reading to myself later on.

Dear Joycelyn,

I really hope Sophomore year has been an amazing school year. How did Carnegie go? Did you have fun in New York? Was Mrs. Stuck really scary or is she starting not to pick on you so much? This year has been a tough year especially as a freshman. I tried out for two sports including swimming and basketball. I didn’t get into both, but I did get into the Advanced Women Bel Canto Choir. I feel like it was fate I didn’t get into the two sports. If I had gotten in, I might not have had the opportunity of going to Carnegie. I still can’t believe I made it and passed all those scary tests Mrs. Stuck gave me. Choir truly has been like a second family for me even though it’s a very hard class and Mrs. Stuck is extremely intimidating. Remember Joycelyn, “Facial Expressions, Facial Expressions, Do Not Forget Facial Expressions!” You don’t want to be the dead looking person at Carnegie. This year was the first time ever for me not to get straight A’s. I think I took too many honors classes this year adding up with choir which made me not able to handle everything as well. If I had taken less honors classes, I think I most likely would’ve been able to get straight A’s. Although this year has been a tough year, it has had its positives. I made a lot of new friends and gained an amazing choir family and experience. Next year, I am going to take less honors classes so I will be able to get straight A’s and handle choir at the same time. I will try to be more active in Key club and participate in more community service events which will give me more service hours. Sophomore year, I also hope you have made many more friends especially those who like K-Pop :)

Your All-Time Girls’ Generation Fan,

Joycelyn L.

Reflective Essay Christian Yeh

Give your piece a title. Write a 1-2 sentence reflective introduction to your written piece (discuss the subject, your goals for writing the piece and how you'd like to improve the piece or what makes you proud of the piece) Paste the written piece here. End w/ First Name and Last Initial.

Reflective Essay

    English I Honors has truly helped me improve through this year. For instance, using my technologies for notes, presentation, and homework had made me learn, improve, and be familiar with using technologies. Back then in middle school, I didn’t have to use electronic devices as often and didn’t find using it as interesting, causing myself to be unfamiliar with it. In English I Honors this year, I realize how important it is to be able to use technologies and found it to be interesting by exploring new apps for creating projects and group presentation. Without it, I think learning will be plain and not as effective. Nowadays students like me really enjoy the presence of technologies and felt its necessity in our daily lives.

     English I Honors has also made me improve in my writing skills. The quality of my works have greatly improved from a couple of years ago when I barely spoke English. I believe I have found myself more interested in writing than before, and really started to understand the literatures. I enjoyed the amount of reading from the ORBs in this class. Even though sometimes it could be stressful,  I realize how important it is for me. Reading is the most important way to improve English overtime.

     Cooperation, or working together with others, with other students in this class made me a better team player. When working on group project or presentations, I found myself  part of a group and have my own role. I also learned that often in life you and other people, like your co-worker, have to work together for the same goals, no matter if you want it or not. You can’t be successful with life if you can’t cooperate well with others around you.  

     This year in English I Honors really made me able to handle more workload and actually manage my time better than before. I enjoyed the style of learning and the positive influences around me, from the teacher and students. I take English I Honors as another stage of challenge and will continue to push forward and be the person I want to be.  

Christian Y.

Friday, June 3, 2016

My goals for the future me letter were to discuss what Freshman year was like and how I feel about Sophomore year.

Future Me Letter

Dear Justin,
Right now your past self is probably sitting in a English Class talking to Edward about his Romeo and Juliet reading record. When you first started this school year, you are possibly thinking "How come this class is so challenging,"As you enter your 6th period class and begin to sit in the $900 chair, you start to realize that English has been your most hardest class yet it is your most interesting class. So future self let's talk about how we feel about Sophomore year and discuss our Freshman year. I feel that starting a new school year allows me to have more opportunities and chances that I missed out on in Freshman year. Some things that I loved were the teachers, as the teachers I had kept giving me motivation while some things that I hated were some of the teachers kept giving too much homework. Next year I plan to more clubs to meet new people and also I plan to try out for Track. For school next year I am planning to be more organized, less procrastinating and focus more in class. Finally I hope to be to the best of my extent. Peace Out

Justin M

Reflective Essay

My writing piece is about how I see myself as a writer, technology user and as a team player. My goal for this writing piece is to make reader understand what I'm tried to tell and add examples to explain the thought. I would like to improve the piece by fix the grammar and make some good word choice. Jessica L

Reflective Essay
Directions: Through the English 1 Honors projects and written compositions, how have you come to see yourself as a writer? A technology user? A technology learner? A team player? A student? In other words, how have your experiences in English 1 Honors influenced the way you understand your own work ethic? Your writing process? Your ability to work with others?

  Through the English 1 Honors projects and written compositions, I see myself as a good writer in another language but in language of English I see myself as a not very good writer. When I first write a topic sentence I always thought to make it short and simple also I was struggling with the word choice that I made. Now I notice to write a topic sentence first I need to think of the theme and the sentence have to be powerful. During this year, I learned something called “Quote sandwich”. Quote sandwich is a kind of like a pattern that you use in the writing. First need to write a topic sentence second need evidence and the explain of why this evidence have choose also what happen before the evidence. Thirdly need to write a conclusion. I think I need to improve on the grammar and explaining skill these are also my goals to be a good writer.

   As a Technology user I think I am getting use to it but at first it was harder as learning English. By using technology now there are some benefits and some bad using technology. The benefits are I don’t have to bring bunch of heavy book to school and in internet there are more information than the books like dictionary also it’s faster to find what I want than tunes of pages books. When I use technology as a learning tool and being technology learner I think I’m good at learning with technology. At first it was difficult but now I’m use to it. Learning it with technology makes the learning more fun and I feel like I can get more creative and think out of the box. I really like how we use technology at our school.

   I think I’m a team player in some way. Sometime we need to group together to work on project. Like the time when my group and I had to do the slides for the presentation Romeo and Juliet, our group team work was pretty good and I was good at being one of them too. As a student I think I’m not that good student. I feel like I need to learn more things and listen do what teacher ask me to do. Next year during sophomore my goals are being a good student and good learner. The meaning of good student to me is get good grade, read more book, and participate more. I hope I can success these goals I made in sophomore.